Behal Sampson Dietz / Architecture - photography by Ray Lavoie

by Ryan Moore

A few of the many shots developed for Behal-Sampson-Dietz Architecture this last year, photographed by Ray Lavoie. See more of Behal-Sampson-Dietz work at, and more captures from Ray Lavoie at

Brent Humphreys X AARP - "Save Your Life"

by Ryan Moore

Everyone loves a good behind the scenes video. Particularly one that features many skilled people doing things well. These artwork compositions that TX photographer Brent Humphreys produced for AARP magazine certainly required significant effort to achieve the correct angle/perspective in camera. A lot can be done in post, but shooting the right angle to begin with is of utmost importance. The set which involved hanging a car over a lake at the proper angle was mental. Assistance by some of the local bmx contingent here in Austin as well. Give this a watch!

Mobile studio: First stop, Austin, TX

by Ryan Moore

For the last few years, plans had been underway to develop RYMO into a mobile studio. Advancements in technology and online computing, and the assembly of the proper hardware within the office have made that a reality. In early October of this year, RYMO moved to Austin, Texas, with plans underway to be in Colorado by mid-summer of 2014.

This move has been a learning process both professionally and personally, and I'd like to thank my clients for their support and patience. Y'all are the best, cheers!


Ray Lavoie X RYMO

by Ryan Moore

These images are from a series of photographs that I collaborated on with Columbus based photographer Ray Lavoie, and stylist Lisa Weber. The products were cleaned up, the environments were optimized for emphasis, and colors were managed for consistency for both web & print.